LNA Announces Prisoners Exchange in Next Few Days


A member of the Libyan National Army (LNA) delegation to the Joint Military Commission (JMC), Major General Faraj Al-Sousaa, has said that Libyan rivals are to exchange prisoners over the next few days

Al-Sousaa said that the Libyan tribes, the International Red Cross, and the Libyan Red Crescent are helping the JMC in the task of exchanging prisoners.

He ruled out that the exchange process would include terrorist elements held by the LNA by saying, “The terrorists, whether local or foreign, are present in military prisons, and they are subject to investigations and military trials, and there is no discussion over their extradition.”

“We give them full rights, including lawyers to defend them, the ability to appeal before the Supreme Military Court, and the right to visits,” he added.

Al-Sousaa confirmed that there are contacts between the LNA and the Government of National Accord (GNA) to accelerate the implementation of the outcomes of the recent JMC meetings “to address many of the humanitarian issues that resulted from the military conflict in the past years.”

The prominent officer called on the countries sponsoring the Berlin conference to assist the LNA in removing foreign forces and mercenaries from the war-torn country.

Al-Sousaa said that the LNA has released 250 prisoners this year, after it was proven that they had committed no terrorist crimes.