Tanker with 34 Million Litres of Fuel Docks at Tripoli Seaport


On Saturday, the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company announced that the fuel tanker ‘Anwaar Libya’ docked at the Tripoli seaport. The tanker is estimated to carry about 34 million litres of gasoline fuel.

In a statement on its official account, the Libyan company announced that the operational processes to start the fuel distribution from the tanker will start from 6pm today. The company also noted that it had supplied all of Tripoli’s stations with fuel from the Al-Zawiya fuel storage facility to fill the deficit over the last two days.

Notably, a number of workers at the Brega Company have recently staged a sit-in in protest of recurrent attacks they face on roads.

In turn, the company appealed to the state security and sovereign authorities to intervene and guarantee safe conditions for all drivers and workers. This would ensure the continued supply of fuel to power stations, distribution companies, and all other vital service facilities that directly affect the lives of people.

Brega Petroleum Marketing Company explained that transporting fuel and its derivatives is conducted by associations and private companies which are unable to provide security, hence the constant harassment that drivers are subjected to during their journey.