Public Prosecutor Orders Imprisonment of Official in Port of Misrata


The Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office ordered the imprisonment of the head of the Guarantees Department in the Customs Centre of the Port of Misrata. The individual is accused of causing serious damage to public funds and abusing his official powers.

Last month, the Investigation Department at the Prosecutor General’s office had referred the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education to the Indictment Chamber of the North Tripoli Primary Court as he was accused of negligence and corruption.

In October, the Investigations Department headed by Al-Siddiq Al-Sour issued orders, summons, and arrest warrants against Libyan officials on charges of corruption and the mismanagement of public funds.

This has long been the focus of discussions among populist circles in Libya, which complain of wide-scale and rampant corruption across the country.

Libya’s economy has greatly suffered due to corruption as its state budget has been exhausted, its oil exports slashed, and its deficit has ballooned to new heights.