Former CIA Officer Accuses Iran of Lockerbie Bombing


John Holt, a former CIA operations officer claimed that the true perpetrator of the 1988 bombing was Iran, not Libya.

Holt, a long-time handler for Abdul-Majid Giaka – a key witness in the 2000 Lockerbie trial, said that he has told the CIA and FBI he does not believe that Tripoli was responsible.

“Iran is the true perpetrator of this deadly attack and should be brought to justice,” Holt wrote in an op-ed published by The Times of Israel on Sunday. “The US government prevented my testimony and hid from evidence the cables I wrote that proved Giaka knew nothing.”

The US Department of Justice recently announced that two new charges had been filed against Abu Agila Mohammad Masud, whose prosecutors allege built the explosive device that downed flight 103.

Holt called for the US government to “re-examine,” the Lockerbie case “due to the availability of evidence against Iran.”

On 21 December 2020, outgoing US Attorney General William Barr announced new charges against Masud in the decades-old Lockerbie case. He is accused of allegedly making the bomb used to destroy the aircraft.