Disagreement within GNA over Security Operation


The Minister of Interior of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fathi Bashagha announced a new security operation will be launched under the name of Sayd Al-Afaei (Snake hunting), to fight organized crime and drug traffickers.

In press statements, Bashagha claimed that the operation plan was drawn up by the Chief of Staff of the GNA forces, and the Western Military Region.

Contrary to Bashagha’s announcement, the GNA’s Ministry of Defense denied that it had coordinated with the MoI in this process, and stated it had no knowledge of this plan.
The MoD confirmed that it had not been informed, nor had the commanders of the Western Military Region, and Tripoli been informed or coordinated with, regarding the planned operation.

It added that its primary goal is to protect the state, by uniting the efforts of security and military institutions in combating terrorism and extremism, human trafficking, and organized crime. Its work is subject to a specific system based on prior planning for any operation it undertakes. It called on the authorities with security competencies to coordinate in advance with the ministry and its military and security institutions, to ensure real results that achieve security.

Bashagha mentioned that they had requested international support for the operation, and a number of countries would support this process.