Syrian Mercenaries Demand Repatriation from Libya


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on Wednesday, that a state of anger is prevailing among the Syrian mercenaries in Libya, as a new batch of them had their repatriation journey to Syria cancelled. This ignited greater discontent among the mercenaries who have already packed up and were ready to return.

On Monday, reliable sources told SOHR that a new batch of Syrian mercenaries in Libya was scheduled to return to Syria, in the following hours. They added that nearly 150 mercenaries have reportedly been informed by their commanders to get themselves ready to return.

SOHR explained that it was not known if another batch would leave from Syria to Libya in order to replace them. This comes at a time when the mercenaries’ payments are being deducted and delayed by their Turkish-backed commanders.

It noted that the repatriated groups often consist of 100-250 mercenaries, with similarly sized groups deployed to Libya. The repatriation of those fighters from Libya is said to be based on certain health and security conditions.

Many of the mercenaries have not received their salaries for months, and some have tried to escape their training camps in Tripoli. A number have also tried to flee to Europe, through Italy.