Libyan Prime Minister to Visit Benghazi Soon


On Tuesday, Prime Minister of Libya’s Government of National Unity (GNU), Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba stated that he would pay a visit to Benghazi soon.

Dbaiba’s remarks came after the postponement of a government cabinet meeting in Benghazi on 26 April. The visit was cancelled, after a number of protesters refused to allow the GNU’s ministerial delegation to land in the city.

The PM described Benghazi as “the wing of Libya, without which the homeland could not fly. I greet our people in our dear city of Benghazi, and want to tell them that we {the government} will visit them soon.” He revealed that the government had approved the establishment of funds for the reconstruction of cities affected by war, such as Tripoli, Benghazi, Sirte, and Derna.

Dbaiba had previously announced his intention to hold cabinet meetings in different cities across the country.

Meanwhile, the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) on Tuesday denied rumours being spread about the lack of security in Benghazi, which led to the cancellation of the cabinet meeting in the city.

In a statement, the General Command claimed that these rumours were leaked to the media and social networks by “the enemies of Libya’s security and safety.” It expressed its full readiness to receive high-level government delegations, and ensure their security and safety.

Dbaiba was elected earlier this year through a UN-backed inter-Libyan dialogue to help lead the country to national elections in December 2021.