Libya’s Presidential Council: Our Goal is to Secure Fair Elections


On Saturday, the Head of the Libyan Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Mnifi, reiterated his commitment to work to ensure the success of the upcoming elections scheduled for December 24th.

At the opening ceremony of the National Youth Congress in the capital, Tripoli, Al-Mnifi said that the Presidential Council seeks “to make the presidential and legislative elections successful, by achieving all the necessary guarantees, so that the elections will be free and fair.”

He confirmed his support for all youth initiatives concerned with national affairs, including their active participation in the electoral process.

“We are well aware of the extent of the difficulties and dangers facing our country, and our real fear of returning to the old conflicts that have tired the Libyans,” he added.

He said that the comprehensive national reconciliation project aims to bring together the parties and heal the rift, in order to preserve Libyan society.

For his part, the United States (US) Special Envoy for Libya, Richard Norland, said that the elections scheduled for December 24th are a “historic opportunity” for Libyans to determine the future of their country.

“At the National Youth Conference in Tripoli, Ambassador Norland joined President of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Al-Mnifi, in encouraging young Libyans to vote in the elections on December 24th emphasizing this historic opportunity for Libyans to determine the future of Libya,” the US Embassy in Libya tweeted.

Earlier this month, Norland reiterated his country’s support for holding the Libyan elections on time on December 24th, and promised that there would be a “clear position” for those who provoke violence or prevent people from voting, adding that those “will pay the price.”

During an interview with the Libyan News Agency, Norland said that the US “supports holding elections without any exclusion for any candidate.”