Libya Discusses Cooperation with South Korea


The Libya Director of the Department of Relations and Cooperation at the Ministry of Interior, Brigadier-General Salah El-Din bin Suleiman, met with South Korean Ambassador and his assistant on Thursday.

During the meeting, they discussed aspects of cooperation and support in the security field, and the possibility of implementing a number of training programs in the field of information technology and combating cybercrime, and benefiting from Korean experiences in this field, according to a statement by the Interior Ministry.

It is the second meeting of the Ministry of Interior with the South Korean Ambassador to Libya, to discuss and coordinate security within the security arrangements to open the Korean embassy in the capital, Tripoli.

Earlier November, the South Korea Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yeo Seung-bae, confirmed that Libya is now witnessing remarkable stability. This would pave the way for the return of the Korean Embassy to Tripoli, and allow for the issuance of visas and necessary services for Libyan citizens.

These remarks came during a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Ramadan Abu Jinnah in the presence of Minister of Local Government, Badr Al-Din Al-Toumi, Minister of Water Resources, Tariq Boufliqa, and Director of the Asia and Australia Department of the Libyan Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Al-Naas.

The South Korea diplomat stressed Seoul’s full support for the elections due to take place on 24th of December. He described it as an opportunity for Libya to move gradually and convincingly into a more stable, representative, and civilian track.

In turn, Abu Jinnah welcomed the return of the Embassy, stressing the need for the return of Korean companies to Libya.

He also voiced the government’s commitment to providing security and protection for the diplomatic mission, South Korea citizens, and technicians working in companies. They also discussed a number of issues such as the revival of the joint commission, and the strengthening of relations between the two countries.