Libyan Students Establish Robotics “Super Team”


Young Libyan people are taking part in the development of robot technology and production skills through a “Super Team” they have created.

Young Libyan women and children at the Robotics Workshop in Benghazi are working hard to make progress in robotics, according to the Jinha news agency.

Aisha Omer, 18, is a member of the Super Team and also works as a human resources manager, noting that she has been in the team for a year.

“I voluntarily participated in this work. Technology, robotics, and manufacturing skills are taught here. I became a member of the team by connecting with them through their Facebook page,” she explained.

“We undertake the training with our own effort,” she added.

The team consists of Libyan students between the ages of 12 and 19. “We are trying to create a balance between reading and family working times. We come together here twice a week to do our work,” Omer said.

“Until June, no one trained us and we were not supervised. We became associated with a Jordanian trainer. Since then, the coach has been taking care of, and coaching the team. However, how the team is set up, how it starts, how the training is done is all through the efforts of the team members,” the student claimed.

Aisha emphasised that the team has managed to build several robots, and was able to organize seminars and training workshops. “The team doesn’t aim to earn money by making robots; we want to spread this culture in Libya. We want our country to get involved in international robotic technology,” the young Libyan woman said.

Manasik Abdel-Salam, 14, said that even though technology and robot manufacturing are not given importance in Libya, he is interested in joining the field.

“After searching on the internet, I found the Super Team in Benghazi. I joined the team and started working with them after a week,” Manasik said.