Security Council Renews Libya Mission Mandate


On Friday, the UN Security Council unanimously adopted a resolution extending the mandate of the UN mission in Libya (UNSMIL) until 31 July.

The Security Council called on the Libyan parties to “refrain from any actions that undermine the ceasefire or the political process.” As well as urged the Secretary-General to appoint a new envoy in Libya, to lead the mission.

Disagreements erupted earlier between Security Council members over UNSMIL’s fate.

The dispute intensified between the US and Russia. Moscow renewed its objection to the continued assumption of the mission by the Special Adviser of the Secretary-General, Stephanie Williams.

Months ago, Russia blocked a decision in the Security Council entrusting Williams with the mission’s mandate for an extended period. It agreed to her supervision of the extension.

Russia claimed that she was “a non-neutral party, working in the interests of the United States, and implementing its agenda in Libya.”

On the other hand, African states are demanding that the new envoy be from the continent.

The Libya Stats website conducted two opinion polls this week. In order to measure the extent of the people’s satisfaction with the performance of UNSMIL.

The first poll was put up for a day on Twitter. 224 people participated, with 94% of the voters believing that the UN’s role is “very bad.” 2% of the participants affirmed that UNSMIL is performing excellently, the remaining 4% said its role was good.

In the second poll, Libya Stats asked “Do you support the expulsion and replacement of the Adviser to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Stephanie Williams, from Libya?”

After 253 people voted, 89% of them called for her dismissal and replacement. 11% voted in favour of her remaining.