Haftar: Libyan People Must End Political Deadlock


The Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar called on the Libyan people to take control of their affairs, as the country’s political deadlock remains ongoing.

“The political leaders have had many opportunities to agree to end the political deadlock… but they failed,” he said in a speech during a visit to the southern town of Brak Al-Shati. “We call on the Libyan people to take control of their affairs and move to build a civil state based on freedom, justice, and equality,” Haftar added.

He stressed that the LNA has “exerted all efforts over the years to achieve reconciliation and a comprehensive settlement.” As well as describing the majority of political leaders in Libya as, “symbols of corruption.”

Last week, Haftar said, “We are racing against time in search of a way out of the crisis, through reunification and reconciliation.”

During his visit to the southwestern town of Ghat, he noted that: “the national interest motivates us to unite our ranks, and enhance confidence to face Libya’s challenges.”

“The people are the source of authority, and the current situation will not change by relying on politicians or foreign intervention. The army’s victories against terrorism were aimed at paving the way for other battles, to build the state and determine our fate. It is the people’s turn to lead the battle of change against the conspirators and corrupt people to get out of the dark tunnel,” he added.

Last month, Haftar called on the Libyan people to save the flailing nation. In his speech during his visit to the city of Kufra, Haftar said: “The sacrifices of the Libyans were never in order for the corrupt to enjoy a life of luxury with public money, and for the honourable citizen to live below the poverty line.” He stressed that “the martyrs did not pay their lives for the country to become booty.”