Al-Thinni Instructs Maintenance Works For Benghazi Bridges Damaged by Extremists


The Prime Minister of the Interim Government, Abdullah Al-Thinni, has called for the maintenance of bridges in Benghazi that were damaged by extremist groups during the period in which they controlled the city. This includes the Airport Road Bridge, Tablino Bridge, and Kish Bridge.

Al-Thinni’s statements came during a meeting with Chairman of the Steering Council of the Municipality, Saqr Imran Bujwari, at the Prime Minister’s Office. The two discussed the results of the inspection by Al-Thinni during his field tour of the city’s transport networks.

Extremist groups controlled Benghazi before the Libyan National Army launched its ‘Operation Dignity’ in 2014. Heavy fighting took place for years, leaving much of the city destroyed and in need of redevelopment.