Jordanian Doctor Dies of COVID-19 in Libya


On Sunday, a Jordanian doctor called Munther Al-Zabin died in Libya, after having had a stroke and suffering from the consequences of contracting the coronavirus.

Al-Zabin’s family, represented by his brother Dr. Yasser, had called on the Jordanian authorities on Saturday to take action and transfer the doctor to Jordan, due to his critical health condition.

Dr. Yasser confirmed that the health condition of the Munther was very critical, and contact was made with the Jordanian embassy in Tunis, but no action was taken until Sunday morning.

According to some Jordanian newspapers, it is noteworthy that Al-Zabin was infected with the coronavirus four days ago, in addition to suffering a stroke, which resulted in him being placed in the intensive care unit in the Eastern City Hospital in Misurata.

The National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) announced the registration of 1,148 new cases of coronavirus in Libya, including 876 new cases and 272 contacts out of a total of 5,588 samples that were examined during the past 24 hours.

The Centre confirmed that 1,298 people have recovered from the coronavirus, including 1071 people in the capital, Tripoli. It also recorded 26 deaths due to the coronavirus.

The NDCD indicated that the total number of coronavirus cases in Libya reached 113,688 cases.