British Ambassador Praises Libya’s Political Parties


On Thursday, the British Ambassador to Libya, Caroline Hurndall met with several political party leaders in Libya – most of which are related to the Muslim Brotherhood group.

“We have discussed the current priorities in the country, and how the UK supports the work of these parties,” Hurndall tweeted.

“These Political parties have a vital role to play in preserving & widening democratic space in Libya,” the British Ambassador added.

The British diplomat previously condemned any attempts to seize or maintain power by force.
She pointed out that holding elections as soon as possible is the only way out of the current crisis in Libya.

Libyans are waiting for the stalled elections to take place, in the hope that the vote will contribute to ending years of armed conflict that have plagued the oil-rich country.

Presidential elections in Libya were scheduled for 24 December 2021. However, along with the Parliamentary elections, it was postponed indefinitely over technical and legal issues, according to the electoral commission.

The elections are part of a roadmap adopted by the UN-sponsored Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF). This aimed at restoring peace to the country after years of political turmoil and violence.

Notably, Libya is politically torn between Fathi Bashagha, who was elected by the Libyan Parliament to lead the country in February, and incumbent Prime Minister Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba, who refuses to relinquish power.

Tensions have been rising for months in Libya as the two Prime Ministers vie for power; rising fears of renewed conflict two years after a landmark truce.

In August, Member of the Libyan Parliament, Mohamed Al-Abani said that the statements of British Ambassador, Caroline Hurndall are “a violation of her diplomatic work.” He noted that “members of the House exercise their legislative work through the Parliament, as it is the supreme legislative authority.”

Recently, Imgheib also called for the expulsion of the British Ambassador to Libya, Caroline Hurndall from the country.