US Hold Talks with Libya’s GNA on Militia Disarmament


The US government and Libya’s Government of National Accord’s (GNA) Interior Ministry (MOI) met on Wednesday to resume discussions on militia demobilisation amid fears of renewed conflict in the country.

This was part of the United States’ engagement with all parties to the Libyan conflict. The American delegation will conduct a similar conversation with representatives of the Libyan National Army according to an official statement made by the US State Department.

The two parties emphasized the need for all Libyan citizens to be protected by security forces free from the dangers posed by militias, armed groups, and foreign fighters.

The MOI delegation briefed the US side on its efforts to promote security and implement a programme for militia disarmament, demobilisation, and reintegration (DDR).

The delegations reaffirmed that armed groups attempting to spoil the political process or engage in criminal actions will be subordinate to international sanctions.

The American delegation stressed its opposition to all foreign interference in Libya and discussed the need for an immediate cease-fire and a return to security and political negotiations facilitated by the United Nations.

The US were represented by National Security Council Senior Director Miguel Correa, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Henry Wooster, and U.S. Africa Command Deputy Director for Strategy, Engagement, and Programs Steven deMilliano, in addition to the Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland.

Libya’s MOI was represented by Fathi Bashagha, Under Secretary for Security Affairs Mohamed al-Mdaghi, Director for INTERPOL Brigadier General Abdulhamid Alghazali as well as several senior officials.