Tripoli Protection Force: Brotherhood’s Severe Corruption Is “Beyond Description” in Libya


On Friday, the Tripoli Protection Force said that the actions of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya were “beyond description” due to the severity of state exhaustion, corruption and sabotage since the group penetrated state institutions. The strong Tripoli-based militia described the group as a “corrupt group on earth.”

In a statement titled “Brotherhood…the tumour that eats away at the country’s body”, the Tripoli Protection Force said that this “stray group continues its destructive approach of provoking crises, suffocating the homeland and citizens, fighting and defaming the leaders and honorable ones, those who gave their blood and spent the most expensive and precious for the sake of defending the homeland.”

“The Tripoli Protection Force, as the safety valve for the capital and its people against the invaders, greedy and corrupt from inside and outside, closely follows the movements of this decimated group and its relentless attempts to create sedition that is in the interest of the group at the expense of the homeland and the citizen,” the statement said.

“The force warns all those who are tempted to harm the homeland and the citizen, that it is and has always been on the lookout for them and their inconstant and corrupt tails,” it added.