Italy-US FMs Hold Press Conference on Libya


Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, held a press conference with his American counterpart, Mike Pompeo to discuss about the Libyan crisis.

The two met in Rome on Wednesday, and reviewed the recent joint efforts regarding the crisis.

During the press conference, Di Maio reiterated that the Libyan crisis was a “National security issue for Italy. We are working intensively with European allies, and the United States to support the path of dialogue for a permanent ceasefire.”

He described the United States as a “strategic ally”, which “makes a fundamental contribution to the stability of the entire region. The past few weeks have been essential for Libya, where steps forward have been made, chiefly the Libyan-led dialogue.”

Earlier today, Pompeo met with Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. The two sides stressed the need for a peaceful solution in Libya, under the auspices of the United Nations.

On Tuesday, the Italian MoFA welcomed the Libyan-led talks in the Egyptian city of Hurghada. It described them as essential for a sustainable ceasefire. Rome considers the resumption of the “5+5” Joint Military Committee negotiations, as necessary to sustain the ceasefire in Libya.