Karabakh Parliament Accuses Turkey of Deploying Mercenaries in Caucasus


The National Assembly of Nagorno-Karabakh, a self-ruling Armenian enclave in Azerbaijan, called on Russia to create a joint counter-terrorism centre. This is in order to identify foreign terrorists, who have infiltrated the region.

“The National Assembly calls on the authorities of Armenia, Russia, and Iran to condemn Azerbaijan’s use of international terrorist groups, as well as their presence in the military aggression against Karabakh”, it said.

“We call on these countries to establish a joint coordination centre to combat terrorism. This is to determine a developing joint plan to neutralize international terrorists deployed in Karabakh,” it added.

The statement claimed that with Turkey’s help, members of various extremist groups from Syria, Iraq, and Libya have entered the Caucasus region.

The National Assembly stressed the importance of regional peace and security, and beneficial cooperation among the countries of the region.