96 Arrested in Misrata for Running a Brothel


On Friday, the police arrested 96 Africans accused of running brothels and providing drugs in Misrata, a major city located in north-western Libya.

Misrata’s Security Directorate said in a statement that they had received a notice warning of prostitution and drug dealing stemming from a specific hideout in the city’s downtown.

“After investigating and collecting information, security patrols raided the place and 96 persons belonging to different African countries were arrested,” the directorate said in the statement. The directorate did not specify the exact nationalities of the outlaws.

The outlaws have been referred to competent authorities to take legal action against them, the statement specified.

Libya suffers from chaos since the collapse of Gaddafi’s regime in 2011. The war-torn country is administrated by two rival powers, the eastern-based government (Interim Government) and the Tripoli-based one (Government of National Accord).

Earlier this month, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) reported that a total of 9,839 illegal migrants have been rescued off Libya’s coast in 2020. African migrants run out of their country heading to Libya to find a way to flee to Europe.