Italian Embassy in Libya Inaugurates Archeology Exhibition


The Italian Embassy in Tripoli announced the inauguration of a joint archaeological exhibition at Tripoli’s Red Castle on Wednesday. The museum will host the exhibition under the title ‘Libya-Italy: A Common Cultural Heritage.’

“The exhibition aims to present the depth of the Italian and Libyan cooperation in the sector of archaeology, by showing the joint work carried out over the last seventy years by archaeologists from both countries,” the statement said.

The Italian Embassy noted that the exhibition will be a unique occasion to learn more about places, monuments, and main features that made this intense collaboration possible.

The event also opens the initiative “cooperation in exhibition”, a cycle of three exhibitions inspired by the three main Libyan geographical areas: Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan.

Local schools are the main target of the initiative, as they can visit the exhibition until the end of December, before it moves to Benghazi.

The event is promoted by the Italian Embassy and Libya’s Department of Antiquities. It is being financed by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and designed by the “Fondazione MEDA- Mediterraneo Antico.” All Italian archaeological missions operating in Libya will participate in the event.

The opening will highlight a diverse and dynamic universe, active in the preservation of rock carvings, underwater wrecks, and ancient cities (Cyrene, Leptis Magna, Sabratha, Necropolis).

The inauguration of the exhibition also coincides with the resumption of work in the tomb of Mithras. This is a Roman hypogeum sepulchre located in the center of Tripoli, which is part of the frescoes used to decorate the funeral crypt.

The Embassy explained that these activities are all key parts of the Italian-Libyan Friendship Treaty signed in 2008 in Benghazi. “These elements outline the prominent role of cultural relations in international cooperation,” it concluded.