Egypt Aims to Send More Egyptian Workers to Libya


Egypt Ministry of Manpower and Immigration announced that it aims for the Egyptian workers to be sent to Libya to reach the same level it was before 2011. It added that the number of workers will reach more than 2 million in order to participate in reconstruction and economic development projects.

The Egyptian Minister of Manpower, Mohamed Saafan, said that the Egyptian workers who will travel to Libya will be registered within the Ministry’s electronic database.

In press statements, the Minister added that the goal of electronic registration is to place the worker in the appropriate job for his/her specialization, academic qualification and experience, as well as to preserve their legal rights.

Saafan added that an Egyptian committee specialized in the technology sector had concluded in Tripoli the signing of the electronic link protocol with the Libyan Ministry of Labor.

In the training sector, the Egyptian Minister pointed out that “Egyptian workers and recent graduates will be trained before they travel during 2022, with 100,000 trainees as a beginning.”

The Egypt-Libya Technical Committee held its meetings at the Ministry of Labor and Rehabilitation in Tripoli over a period of 4 days. During this period, they discussed the procedures for electronic linkage in accordance with the memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries.

“Through this protocol, we can determine the whereabouts of these workers and the system of establishments in which they work to identify and count the Egyptian workers working on the Libyan side,” Saafan’s Media Office said in a statement.

He added that the Egyptian workers will head back to Libya after the signing of the electronic link system. The statement did not mention the exact date, but it said that Egyptian workers will return to Libya shortly.

Saafan pointed out that the construction and contracting sectors will be the sectors that will witness the highest presence of Egyptian workers in Libya.