US Companies Seek to Participate in Libya’s Reconstruction


On Friday, the United States (US)-Libya Business Association (USLBA) said that US companies want to help develop Libya’s rich energy resources, as well as participate in the reconstruction of Libya.

The USLBA added that American companies are also looking for new opportunities in emerging sectors, including finance, telecommunications and information technology.

It pointed out that US companies are seeking to spur broad economic development, reconstruction, and create jobs for the Libyan people.

The USLBA hosted the US Special Envoy and Ambassador to Libya, Richard Norland, for a roundtable meeting in Washington DC on April 21st, to discuss the current political and economic events impacting US-Libya ties.

The association said its members expressed concern about political uncertainty, mobilisation of militias and the oil and gas disruptions. These cast a shadow over Libya’s business environment and damage the quality of life of the Libyan people.

“The USLBA’s members also focused on Libya’s huge potential for economic growth,” it added.

The USLBA reaffirmed its commitment to finding innovative solutions and improving Libyan access to US expertise to tackle Libya’s greatest challenges. It thanked the US Embassy in Libya for strengthening the US-Libya business ties that can help the Libyan people achieve their county’s potential.

Most of the infrastructure in Libya has been destroyed. The North African country is seeking to rebuild areas destroyed by the civil war. Several forums were launched to discuss the reconstruction of Libya. It is likely that the lion’s share of these projects will go to Egypt, Italy, Turkey and some American companies.