Pakistan to Reopen Embassy in Libyan Capital


The Pakistan Embassy in Libya announced that it will reopen its doors in Tripoli, starting Sunday.

It had previously shut down its operations, alongside other embassies, due to the poor security situation in the country. 
In February, Libyan Labour Minister, Ali Al-Abed received the Pakistani Ambassador, Rashid Javid. They discussed the process of recruiting skilled Pakistani workers for the Libyan labour market.

The Ministry said in a statement that the two sides discussed a number of issues of common interest, especially in the fields of electronic and electrical professions, communications engineering, and agriculture.

“The two parties discussed the possibility of recruiting the skilled Pakistani workforce in the Libyan labour market,” the statement noted.

Al-Abed affirmed the strength of relations between the two countries, with Ambassador Javid praising Libya’s efforts to develop its labour market with the help of Pakistani workers.

Last year, former Interior Minister, Khaled Al-Tijani discussed bringing Pakistani workers to Libya with Ambassador Javid. They also exchanged views on security issues of common concern.

“Al-Tijani affirmed his ministry’s readiness to cooperate with the Pakistani side and benefit from its experiences in the security field, which would contribute to strengthening the relationship between the two countries,” the statement added.

Notably, in January 2021, Pakistani President, Arif Alvi said he highly valued the close and fraternal ties, and wants to further promote bilateral relations.

President Alvi urged Javed to take steps to improve commercial relations between the two countries, and work for the welfare of the Pakistani diaspora.