Libyan Family Killed in Car Accident


A family of eight were killed in a traffic accident in the Umm Al-Gharaniq area, east of the Libyan city of Sirte.

The incident occurred after a small car and a passenger bus collided with a herd of camels on the Libyan Ras Lanuf-Ajdabiya road. A man, his wife, four sons, and two daughters were killed in the accident.

The phenomenon of loose camels is widespread on highways, in several regions of Libya. These are known to cause traffic accidents, resulting in human and material losses.

In April, the Libyan Oil Crescent Security Directorate announced the distribution of reflective belts to breeders. These are to be installed on camels to avoid traffic accidents.

On Thursday, Libyan Ambulance and Emergency Service announced that two policemen of the Mizdah Security Directorate were injured in an explosion. This was after a prisoner detonated a hand grenade at a checkpoint, while being transferred to Gharyan prison.

In a statement, the Ambulance Service confirmed that the officers were transferred to the Gharyan Hospital and Mizdah General Hospital for treatment.

Libya and the UN have been striving to turn the page on the violence that has wracked the country, since a 2011 NATO-backed uprising toppled and killed dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

A ceasefire between eastern and western factions last year led to a unity government taking office in March. This had a mandate to lead the country to elections, which have been indefinitely delayed.

Foreign powers have been pushing hard for Presidential elections to be held as soon as possible. The process has been beset by sharp disagreements over the legal basis for the vote.

Foreign powers have backed various sides in Libya’s complex war, and the presence of mercenaries and foreign troops is one of the toughest obstacles to lasting peace.