Libya Rejects Food Shipment from Turkey

Libya Rejects Food Shipment from Turkey
Libya Rejects Food Shipment from Turkey

Libya’s Food and Drug Control Centre (FDCC) announced the rejection of a shipment of vegetable ghee by the ‘Al-Karama’ brand, from Turkey. The shipment “failed to comply with the standard specifications, and the country of origin was not written on the packaging.”

The FDCC explained that the rejected quantity amounted to 13 boxes, which entered through the Benghazi seaport.

In August, the FDCC rejected a “rotten” shipment of guava from Egypt, citing that the sample contains mould. The FDCC stated that the shipment, consisting of 500 guava boxes, arrived at the Imsaed land port.

Earlier, the FDCC rejected a shipment of “adulterated” green tea from China. This was due to differences between the outer and the inner packages of the brand. The center stated that the shipment, consisting of 1,678 cartons, of the “Nabit” brand, arrived at the port of Al-Khums. The shipment was rejected due to “commercial fraud by one of the supplier companies.”

Thousands of tons of rice, edible oils, vegetables, and fruits have recently reached Libyan territory, through the Salloum land port. The Chairman of the Libyan-Egyptian Economic Chamber, Ibrahim Al-Jarari told Sky News Arabia that the Egyptian government “showed great cooperation to alleviate Libya’s suffering.”

Notably, the recently signed energy deal between Turkey and Libya’s Government of National Unity (GNU) could fuel tensions and may lead to an open conflict between Ankara and Athens, according to the Politico newspaper.

The agreement comes at an especially febrile time, compounded by the fact that Greece, Turkey, and Cyprus will hold elections next year. This throws the risks of heightened voter patriotism into the east Mediterranean geopolitical mix over 2023.

Turkey signed an agreement on 3 October to explore for oil and gas off the Libyan coast, without specifying whether the surveys would take place in waters south of Greece.

Greece’s Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias accused Turkey of exploiting “the turbulent situation in Libya to further destabilize security in the Mediterranean region, and establish a regional hegemony.”

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