Bashagha Promises to Support South Libya


The Libyan Parliament-designated Prime Minister, Fathi Bashagha promised the elders, notables, and members of the Al-Kufra Municipal Council to provide the necessary support to the municipality and all regions of the south.

In his speech, Bashagha stated that his government “represents Libyan legitimacy, rather than international legitimacy represented by the Government of National Unity (GNU).”

He stressed his pride in the city of Al-Kufra, as it “represents a symbol of jihad, fusion, and national integration. It is a great historical symbol to the Italian aggression and occupation.”

Bashagha confirmed the city’s importance, and the southwestern region for all Libyans, especially in terms of national security. He emphasised the necessity of distinguishing them, “because they are the cities of frontiers, recesses of revolutions, and difficult nature.”

As well as noting the importance of encouraging Libyans to invest and settle there, by “providing services and finding solutions to the bottlenecks that the residents of these areas suffer from.”

“We want Al-Kufra to become a free and economical transit zone. We seek to run services and maintain the roads leading to it, which have decayed, leading to major problems that were exacerbated by the continuation of the political division and the wasting of the state’s capabilities.”

The PM pointed out that road maintenance in the south is very expensive, but affirmed his government’s determination to spare no cost.

Bashagha warned of the seriousness of the situation in the south, saying: “It is for the Libyans in general, and not for the people of Al-Kufra only, because the wealth of the people is in the south.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “There is a political dispute with another government whose legitimacy is international, but we represent the Libyan legitimacy and we are the guardians because we have pledged allegiance. I believe that Libyan legitimacy is stronger than international legitimacy.”