Libyan MP: Foreign States Dragging Libya Towards Division


The Libyan Member of Parliament (MP), Jaballah Al-Shaibani, called for imposing an effective local government system.

In a post on his Facebook account, Al-Shaibani said, “the colonial and regional countries that manage our crisis through their intelligence and agents at home are gradually luring our country into division, first under the pretext of unfair centralisation, and secondly with a fair distribution of wealth, and the next demand for the right to self-determination for the oppressed regions.”

He added, “the national elites must work with all seriousness to impose an effective local government system (provinces – municipalities – municipal branches) to break up the abhorrent centralization and a fair distribution of wealth so that we cut off the way for the conspirators against the unity of the homeland’s soil.”

Last month, Al-Shaibani, appealed to the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to take advantage of the armed conflict in Sudan and quickly solve the problem of the proliferation of weapons in Libya before jumping to other tracks.

In a post on his Facebook account, Al-Shaibani said that the curse of the proliferation of weapons without accountability or control is transmitted to the remnants of the poor country of Sudan.

He pointed out that “the intelligence of Arab and foreign countries is moving the threads of the game here in our country and there in Sudan, adding: the UN mission, the security track and solving the problem of proliferation of weapons are essential before jumping to other tracks.

In March, the Misrata Port Customs Centre in Libya successfully seized 12,000 weapons, which were being smuggled aboard a commercial ship coming from Malta.

The Misrata Port Customs Centre said that customs officers were able to stop and seize a 20-foot container containing 12,000 weapons (pistols), in cooperation with the Joint Operations Force.

The centre indicated that after the inspections, the “smuggled shipment was seized in one of the containers, which held household items for camouflage. Customs officers were able to detect and seize this container. It arrived at the port of Misrata on board the ship (Biltaky), which carries the flag of the State of Liberia, and was coming from Malta, via the CMA-CGM shipping line.”

The statement confirmed that “this seizure is only one of several seizures made by the centre during 2023, as part of the framework for combating smuggling and drugs.”