Germany Confirms Support for Stability in Libya


The German Ambassador to Libya, Michael Ohnmacht said that “Germany’s role has always been positive and supportive of the political process for sustainable peace and stability in the country.”

In an exclusive interview with the “Ein Libya” network, Ohnmacht clarified that Germany “does not want to interfere in Libya’s internal affairs, but rather wants to support the political process. This goal is in line with the majority of the Libyan people’s desire for sustainable peace.”

The German Ambassador welcomed the UN Envoy’s initiative, stating that “the goal of the elections is a shared objective between Germany, the majority of the Libyan people, and the UN Envoy.” He expressed optimism about the prospects of holding Parliamentary and Presidential elections, ending the transitional period, and ensuring security, peace, and stability for all Libyan citizens.

Ohnmacht emphasized the importance of economic development and growth in all parts of Libya, and the potential for trade and economic cooperation between the two countries. He also highlighted the need for “all Libyan actors, including the international community, to play a positive role in achieving sustainable peace and stability in Libya.”

He acknowledged the challenges facing human rights in Libya, and emphasized the need for reform and the positive role that the international community can play in this regard. He stressed that “human rights are a universal issue that affects everyone, including Libyans, foreigners, migrants, and refugees, and that improving the human rights situation in Libya is crucial for the benefit of all.”Overall, the German Ambassador’s message conveyed a “strong commitment to supporting Libya’s political process and its path towards sustainable peace and stability.”

Ohnmacht clarified that the allocation of resources in Libya is not exclusive to German companies, but rather open to all international and Libyan companies operating in the private sector. The Ambassador emphasized that positive economic development and progress are vital for ensuring security and stability in the country.

He also noted that security and stability are “necessary to fully realize the economic opportunities in the country, and that every effort must be made to achieve this goal.” German companies are particularly interested in the Libyan market as a partner, and they currently play an important role in the electricity, oil, and gas sectors. Additionally, they are expected to have a prominent role in the future development of renewable energies in Libya.