Libyan Parliament: Turkish Defence Minister’s Visit Reveals Blatant Interference In Libya Internal Affairs


“The visit of the Turkish Defense Minister, Hulusi Akar, with his accompanying military delegation to the western region, as well as his meetings and inspections of Turkish soldiers, reveals the blatant interference in the internal affairs and the attempt to occupy Libya and plunder its property,” said the media adviser to the President of the Libyan House of Representative (HoR), Fathi Al-Mraimi.

In statements to ‘Alarabiya’ Telelvision Channel, Al-Mraimi called on the world to stop this incursion that violates international law.

He stressed at the same time that the Libyan people will not accept this and will not let Turkey achieve its ambitions and goals in the country.

In addition, Egypt will not allow the crossing of the red lines of Sirte and Jufra.

“The Libyan people and the HoR support the position of Cairo to confront the Turkish invasion attempting to occupy Libya”, Al-Mraimi said.

He emphasized that Turkey’s intervention in Libya aims to achieve three fundamental goals, which are only in the interest of Turkey and not the Libyan people. This is namely, the plundering of the wealth of Libyans in light of the decline of the Turkish economy and the collapse of its currency, as well as to redraw the borders and obtain an undue share of the waters of the Mediterranean.

Regarding the visit of HoR President Ageela Saleh to Russia, Al-Mraimi said: “It came in the framework of an official Russian invitation addressed to Saleh. Many of the issues that Libya is going through and initiatives to solve the crisis politically and peacefully were also discussed”.

The Turkish intervention was also discussed during the visit, which he considered “successful and fruitful”, especially since Russia is a world power with regional and international influence that has interests in Libya.

Al-Mraimi pointed out that Russia will play a role in the Libyan crisis through its influence in the UN Security Council and through international organizations.

He stressed that Moscow has pledged to intervene to resolve the crisis and announced its intention to reopen its Embassy in Libya, as it is currently carrying out its tasks temporarily from Tunisia.

Saleh is due to pay a visit to Switzerland and Italy in the future to present his position to try and reach a peaceful solution supported by the world and end the fighting.