Consultative Medical Committee Issues New Recommendations After Deteriorating Epidemiological Situation


On Monday, the ‘Consultative Medical Committee to Combat the Coronavirus Epidemic’ stated that its recommended policies and procedures should be activated to address the ongoing crisis.

“In light of the deteriorating epidemiological situation throughout the country with increasing coronavirus cases and deaths, and in order to reduce infections, the Consultative Medical Committee informs you that the recommendations and policies it has prepared should be activated to address the pandemic as recommended by the World Health Organisation”, it said in a statement.

The procedures recommended by the committee included the closure and banning of all meeting places, including funerals. The committee also recommended the closure of all houses, and villas used for wedding parties, and other events, as well as gyms and cafes.

It also called for the “full commitment by hairdressers and women’s beauty salons to apply social distancing policies as well as face masks – to be monitored by the municipal guard.”

Additionally, restaurants should be prevented from allowing clients to eat inside and should only be providing take-away and home delivery services.

The statement added that the committee recommended “forcing commercial banks and malls to follow the policies prepared by it and monitoring their implementation by the competent authorities”. This is in addition to mandating all citizens to wear a mask in public places wherever they are, with a social distance of at least one metre per person.