Tunisian President Offers To Host Peace Talks For Libya


On Wednesday, Tunisian President Qais Saeed, met with the Acting Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Stephanie Williams. They discussed efforts to reach a political solution to the Libyan crisis.

Saeed confirmed Tunisia’s steadfast position, calling for a comprehensive political settlement that preserves the unity and sovereignty of Libya. This would be within the framework of an inclusive Libyan-led dialogue, under the umbrella of the United Nations.

He stressed the importance of the role of neighbouring countries in pushing for a peaceful solution to the conflict. This is in link with the coordination and consultation made between Tunisia and Algeria to achieve stability in Libya.

Saeed reiterated Tunisia’s welcoming of the recent ceasefire agreement in Libya and sees it as an important step towards restoring stability, and resuming the political process. He pointed out his commitment to continue supporting the efforts of UNSMIL.

The Tunisian President also reiterated Tunisia’s readiness to contribute to the relaunching of the political process, by hosting a national dialogue that brings together the various Libyan parties. This is all the more important since Tunisia is the most affected country by the situation in Libya.

Williams thanked Tunisia for its continued support for UNSMIL. She noted that the Tunisian President claimed that the only solution to the Libyan crisis was peaceful, and political. She emphasized the need to return to a political dialogue as soon as possible given the dangerous conditions in Libya at the present time.