US Ambassador Reaffirms Support for Libyan Dialogue


On Wednesday, US Ambassador Richard Norland met with the Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Stephanie Williams. He reiterated full US support for the UN-facilitated Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) process.

The US Embassy said in a statement that the forum would allow the parties to achieve a sovereign Libyan-led solution. This would help to end the conflict, promote transparent management of economic resources, and finalise a roadmap for national elections.

Ambassador Norland expressed his appreciation for Tunisia’s contributions to the success of the upcoming LPDF. He also welcomed the resumption of UN-facilitated military talks in Geneva on 19 October. These military talks will build on the successful meetings hosted by Egypt, in Hurghada.

The embassy said the Hurghada talks “represent an important step towards a demilitarised solution in central Libya, and an ultimate departure of foreign military elements from the country.”

“After my recent consultations, particularly in Cairo and Ankara, I believe that the United States is aligned with key international partners in support of these intra-Libyan dialogues,” the Ambassador said.

He added that United States commends Libyan parties who are prepared to put the national interest ahead of their personal agendas, through the LPDF.