US Expresses Concern Over Military Developments Around Tarhuna


The US Embassy in Libya announced on Friday that it shared the United Nations Support Mission in Libya’s concerns regarding the military build up around the city of Tarhuna.

In a statement on Twitter, the Embassy said “It’s time for all parties in Libya to immediately deescalate and return to UN led negotiations in the 5+5 format”.

Earlier on Friday, UNSMIL had said that it was following with great concern the military developments and mobilization around Tarhuna.

UNSMIL alerted all Libyan parties of their duties according to international human rights, warning against committing any acts of reprisals against civilians.

It also warned against resorting to the imposition of arbitrary sanctions, such as looting, arson or wilful damage to public and private property.

The Mission called for an immediate halt to the military escalation and a return to peaceful dialogue.