Libyan MP Discusses Health Situation with Director of Tobruk Medical Center


The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Libyan Parliament, Yusef Al-Agouri, held a telephone call with the director of the Tobruk Medical Center, Faraj Al-Jali. The two discussed the latest developments surrouding health conditions linked to COVID-19 in the city.

Al-Jali explained the healthcare circumstances and the efforts of the medical sector in the city to confront the epidemic. He also emphasized the keenness of the Foreign Affairs Committee to follow up efforts to combat the epidemic, in coordination with the World Health Organisation (WHO).

On the 15th of August, the Tobruk Medical Advisory Committee announced the registration of 14 new cases. This brings the total number of cases infected with the virus in the city to 100.

The Committee said that the infections came after examining 20 samples to detect positive cases of coronavirus. Among Tobruk’s 100 confirmed cases, there are 65 active cases, 25 recovered patients, and 10 deaths.