GNA Defence Ministry Guarantees Continuation of Turkish Military Program


The Minister of Defence of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Salah Al-Din Al-Namroush, stated that talks and consultation programs with Turkey will continue.

In a statement, published by the GNA’s Defence Ministry, Al-Namroush said that his Ministry in cooperation to Turkey had begun implementing previously agreed military programs. This includes the restructuring of the armed forces, air defences, counterterrorism units, special operations units, and the navy.

In August, Al-Namroush announced the signing of an agreement with the Turkish and Qatari Defence Ministers. This agreement’s main goal is to provide assistance in restructuring GNA military forces.

“The first training is expected to be carried out west of Tripoli”, he said. Al-Namroush claimed that the program aims to establish a military in line with international standards. The Turkish military will provide assistance, based on the model that was used in training the Azerbaijani Army, with Turkish military advisers expected to provide training and logistical assistance in cooperation with Qatar, to re-establish a regular army in Libya.

Al-Namroush added that the GNA cannot accept to be engaged in any initiative with the Libyan National Army (LNA) Commander, Khalifa Haftar. He noted however that the GNA is open to any political dialogue that doesn’t include Haftar, due to his military assault on Tripoli. These remarks come after Deputy Prime Minister, Ahmed Maiteeq, reached an agreement with LNA representatives to resume oil production.