Abu-Sahmain Intends to Run for President


Head of the “Ya Biladi” Party, Nuri Abu-Sahmain, hinted at his candidacy for the presidential elections on Tuesday. Libyan elections are scheduled March 2021.

In press statements, Abu Sahmain said: “My candidacy for the presidency is very likely.” He stated that he expects the Libyan Parliament, and High Council of State (HCS), to fail to form a unified government. He believes the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj will not return to the political scene. This is due to what he described as “dismal failure and random confusion,” in obtaining decisions.

Abu-Sahmain claimed that he was “present in the political scene” and that he “chose not to assume an official position after the Skhirat agreement.” He claimed that he did not want to be among what he called “a product that lacks legitimacy.”

The reactions over his recent visit to Russia was conclusive evidence that he has not moved away from the political scene. Apparently, the visit was in response to an invitation from the Russian Foreign Ministry. Abu-Sahmain focused on conveying his viewpoint on “any upcoming cooperation with Moscow,” he added.

Abu-Sahmain criticized both Al-Sarraj and Ahmed Maiteeq, especially the latter’s agreement on an individual basis with Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar regarding the resumption of oil production. He described the move as increasing social fragmentation and suffering.