Libya’s Al-Abaidaat Tribe Calls to Bring Former NTC Chairman to Justice


On Saturday, the Al-Abaidaat tribe announced that Mustafa Mohammed Abdul Jalil, the former Chairman of Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC), was the one who ordered the arrest of the assassinated major general General Abdul Fattah Younis and his two assistants. They also accused Abdul Jalil of killing the Libyan commander.

In a statement, the tribal dignitaries clarified that the leaked emails of the former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, have proven how true the tribe’s vision was regarding this issue.

They also confirmed that these emails were in accordance with the outcomes of previous investigations and reinforce doubts about the role of the NTC’s Chairman and its responsibility in the assassination of Abdul Fattah Younis.

The tribe stressed its right to legally pursue this national issue whether at home or abroad, to establish the truth, track down the criminals and killers and bring them to justice.

The Al-Abaidaat tribe renewed its confidence in the Libyan judiciary and called on it to expedite the completion of investigations and to hold killers accountable. It stated its appreciation of the interest of the General Command of the Armed Forces regarding this national issue and its decision to refer the case to the Military Prosecutor.

The tribe also called on the General Command of the Armed Forces to closely follow up this case and quickly take all necessary measures and summon those whose names were mentioned in the indictment.